There is no Otters joining fee you will just need to pay a monthly fee and an annual ASA membership.

​Monthly Fees - new from November 2021

  • One swim £22 

  • Two swims £30 

  • Three swims £38 

  • Four Swims £44 

  • Five Swims £50 

  • Fees are taken via GoCardless on the 1st of every month to spread the fees evenly thoughtout the year. 

  • Fees will not be taken in August. 



All swimmers must be registered with the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA)to swim with Okehampton Otters ASA fees are due January every year.

There are 3 categories and depending on the type of swimming the member does depends on the fee. These fees are set by swim England and are published on swimming.org. They will be changing in January 2022 and so we will update you on what will be due closer to the time

Leaving the Club

We ask for 1 months notice if a swimmer leaves the club.